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"My compliments for the very neat and proper care! I received many favourable comments about the organisation of the entire event!"
Piet Segers

"From 14-16 May 2010, the Dutch conjurers association held their annual conjurers convention in ReeHorst. The national conjuration championships were also held during this convention. It was very pleasing in the preparatory discussions that ReeHorst was able and willing to listen attentively to the customer's needs, to think along and to offer concrete advice. The friendliness of the staff and the range of technical facilities offered by the convention centre and the theatre were remarkable. The way in which the staff responded to small needs or additional requirements as they emerged during the convention was also greatly appreciated, by our entire organisation team. Those that stayed at the hotel as guests were very positive about the rooms and the excellent breakfast. We hope to return to ReeHorst in future for another convention."
Cornelis Ros
Secretary of the Dutch conjuration association (Nederlandse Magische Unie)

"We were extremely satisfied with the catering, the technical aspects, and the very flexible and friendly staff. So we immediately made a new definitive application for 2011!!!"
Professional association of Echoscopy

"We had a superb day and received many compliments for the great facilities and delicious lunch. I was also very happy to have a technical assistant at hand who was a wonderful help, and a phone in case of some mishap is of course a great thing to have, though fortunately we didn't need to use it. All of the staff were extremely nice and helpful, they deserve to be commended for that."
Janneke van den Heuvel
NVLE secretary

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